About me

Hello, My name is Gigi and I live in Washington State. My favorite things are music, ballet, painting, jewelry and whatever else you have. I'm pretty enthused by the beauty in life. I started making jewelry in middle school where my teacher put one of my pieces in an art competition, this only encouraged me. I have also dabbled in other art media, love them all and I'm still dabbling. The artist in me layed low for a few years while I raised my only child and was just to crazy in love with my husband to think of creating anything but food for him until we moved from the San Francisco bay area to the Pacific Northwest where eventually my daughter had a lovely little girl who I could play with. Pretty soon I was back to creating and that soon brought me back to jewelry. I am pretty much self taught and take little classes here there when I can to enhance my skills. As I acquire the tools I take the class to perfect the skill.
If you are still interested in any other products you did not see in my shop on Big Cartel, I have more! You can see them at http://www.etsy.com/shop/gigijordan